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Garage of Lowell Auto Repair Services

Air Conditioning


Maintaining your air conditioning system is vital, not only for your comfort, but for your vehicles well being. Garage of Lowell will accurately perform the necessary steps to ensure your vehicles cooling system is working properly. Steps include: a visual inspection of belts, tubing and seals for signs of damage, cracks or leaks; recharging the air conditioning compressor to ensure proper operation; and finally a leak test. If a leak is detected in a hose or connection, the leak is repaired and the vehicle system is retested, including a temperature drop test to ensure the system is operating per the manufacturers recommendations. Finally, if necessary, refrigerant is recharged. Check your vehicles owner's manual for the manufacturers recommendation for air conditioning maintenance. Garage of Lowell will get you back on the road safely and “cooly”.




At Garage of Lowell we care about your vehicle and the way it drives; the alignment plays a major role in how smoothly your car rides. Our honest and efficient technicians will check your tires and your suspension system at regular intervals to determine if it’s within the suggested specifications. If not, Garage of Lowell can make any necessary adjustments to get your vehicle rolling smoothly along again. Contact a service advisor at any time for questions regarding alignment.

Brake Repair Specialist


Brakes are a complicated, necessary part of your vehicle. It is vital to maintain your brakes properly and at Garage of Lowell, we’ve been doing just that for over 10 years. Each time you step on the brakes your brake pads, rotors, brake calipers, an brake pistons, are wearing down. Stop in today and let the Garage of Lowell take care of you. If you have any concerns about your brakes, notice any grinding or squeaking as you slow, or just want to be reassured your vehicle will stop well when you need it to.


Complete Safety
Complete Safety Analysis


At Garage of Lowell we understand that whether you drive alone, or transport those most important to you, your car should be safe. Our certified technicians will gladly perform a complete safety analysis and provide you with feedback based on their many years of experience, manufacturer's recommendations and analysis results. Your service advisor will partner with you to develop a plan for scheduled services and setting repair priorities for your family's vehicle.  We want to work with your so that your vehicle operates safely not only today, but well into the future.

Diagnostic & Drivability Issues


Drivability means how your car operates as it drives down the road.  The many years of experience at the Garage of Lowell gives us the ability to diagnose and repair these drivability issues BEFORE they become a problem.  Drivability issues range from poor response when you step on the gas pedal to that bothersome check engine light.  An important and common issue to address with operability is your vehicle’s timing belt.  A timing belt can be a very costly repair if regular maintenance is not performed.  We’ve seen best and worst case scenarios with timing belt issues and want to keep you from experiencing the costly repair and breakdown associated with the worst cases.

Mufflers and Exhaust Systems


With preventative maintenance and regular system analysis you can keep your vehicles muffler and exhaust system functioning properly. Garage of Lowell will help you in every area from analysis to repairs to maintenance. Contact your service advisor at Garage of Lowell and we’ll check it out.  

Oil Change
Oil Changes


Regular oil changes, either by mileage or date, are a necessary part of vehicle maintenance. Garage of Lowell will quickly get your oil changed with the highest quality tools and equipment. Make Garage of Lowell a regular part of your preventative maintenance for your vehicles.

Steering and Suspensions


Issues such as wheel alignment, loose tie rod ends, out of balance tires, worn suspension, can affect how your car feels as you drive.  Some of these issues, if left unattended, can result in a catastrophic failure; others make it feel like the car is driving itself (pulling to the left or right, bouncing, etc.).  Our certified service technicians know steering and suspension.  They will evaluate your vehicle and get you back on the road with a smooth, even, and stable ride.



Your vehicles tires are not only bearing the weight of your vehicle, but also bearing the brunt of the weather and road conditions on a daily basis.  It is vital to your vehicle’s performance, and your family’s safety, that your tires be in good condition. Our service technicians will quickly evaluate your tires and provide you with excellent advice regarding replacement or rotations. Garage of Lowell wants you and your car to be safe on the road!



Every vehicle needs regular tune-ups to keep help maximize its performance  and keep it running safely on the road. Stop by Garage of Lowell for your tune-up today if you are experiencing engine knock, a rough running/idling engine, or decreased fuel efficiency!



Without a fully well functioning radiator and engine cooling system, things can get heated pretty quickly under the hood. At Garage of Lowell we’ll do whatever work is necessary to make sure you’re staying cool, rather it's a complete reverse engine flush or just a radiator cap, we’ve got you covered!  

Fuel Systems


Keeping your fuel system cleaned and well-maintained is an important part of vehicle care. At Garage of Lowell we’ll perform a fuel system cleaning service to help remove the build-up of gasoline residue that can clog the system, intake valve deposits, reduce cylinder head deposits and clean the overall fuel system. This will help ensure your vehicle is running smoother and help increase gas mileage as well.  Talk to us about keeping your car running great with a fuel system flush!

Fuel Systems
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